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About Us

The Advanced Manufacturing Institute, founded by the Director of Industries at the Ministry of Economy, works to create a thriving, efficient and innovative Israeli industry by implementing advanced manufacturing processes

Its goal is to improve productivity in the manufacturing industry by implementing advanced technologies. The institute, located in Karmiel, works on a national scale and provides services to factories throughout Israel.

Together we will march forward to the world of advanced industry and find the right path for you.


Consultation and Implementation

The institute offers factories a professional assessment from an advanced manufacturing (Industry 4.0) perspective that focuses on the following aspects:

  • Organizational culture
  • Manufacturing methods
  • Information systems
  • Value chain

Knowledge Center

The Institute for Advanced Manufacturing’s Knowledge Center incorporates the most current information and research components in advanced industry, in Israel and worldwide. Among other things, it connects with industrial technology companies, has relations with academia and research institutes as well as with the greater community of professionals from the world of advanced technology.
The center conducts courses and workshops, publishes professional background materials, and makes accessible to you all the tools you need to stay current and up to date.

Demo Center

Our Demo Center includes an innovation lab that gives you, the manufacturers, solutions from the technological development front with regards to the following:

  • Designing manufacturing cells
  • Designing and developing work stations
  • Process simulation
  • Advanced equipment in the fields of robotics, 3D printers, big data, IIOT, information systems, sensors, and innovative advanced manufacturing technologies

The Demo Center works in conjunction with the faculty at the ORT Braude Academic College of Engineering and in collaboration with research institutes in Israel and worldwide. The Center will provide you with a professional and advanced work environment, where you will be given state-of-the-art tools to propel you forward.

Costs and subsidy rates

Small factory
Annual turnover: up to 20 million NIS
What you get
Subsidization Rate



Medium factory
Annual turnover: 20-100 million NIS
What you get
Subsidization Rate



Large factory
Annual turnover: 100-400 million NIS
What you get
Subsidization Rate



*The subsidy rates are valid until the end of 2020

Advanced Manufacturing Community

In order to develop a technological ecosystem that is focused on industry and advanced manufacturing, we have cultivated a unique and professional industrial community that includes industrialists, start-up companies, government agencies, academic agencies, and investors.

The community operates in the physical and virtual sphere. This community offers numerous advantages, such as reinforcing entrepreneurs, deepening professional and social ties among the members, promoting the demand for advanced manufacturing concepts among industrial organizations, providing support with change processes and assistance with setting up manufacturing mechanisms.


Why Us

Client-Focused Customized Plan
At the Institute we prepare a customized plan for each factory based on an individual assessment that is tailored to the needs and characteristics of the factory and its human capital. According on the results of the assessment, we will assist the factory with implementing advanced technology that will support the factory’s increased productivity.
Ties to Academia
Our built-in ties with scientists, researchers and students enable us to develop and provide advanced technological solutions, courses, workshops, and whatever else is necessary to make your factory more innovative, efficient and economical.
Technological Ecosystem
The industrial entrepreneurial community is comprised of several agencies and factories, and works in conjunction and collaboration to leverage Israeli industry and position it at the forefront of an innovative and prosperous industry.
Global Collaboration Network
Collaborations between the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and global agencies and institutes provide factories in Israel with a strategic advantage, via access to sources of information, and consultation and solutions from top international agencies.
ב-01/07/2024 התקיים במרכז ההדגמה מפגש מקצועי של ISCMA - האיגוד הישראלי לניהול שרשרת האספקה, בו השתתפו עשרות מנהלים מהתעשייה.
היה מפגש מרתק, מקצועי וסופר חדשני גם במצגות, ובמיוחד בסיור בתחנות השונות שבמרכז ההדגמה, המדגימות את החדשנות למפעל חכם ושרשרת אספקה חכמה.
תודה רבה!
המלצה מנאוית אדר ISCMA – האיגוד הישראלי לניהול שרשרת האספקה
תודה עתניאל וכל צוות המכון על ביקור מעניין ומעורר השראה
שיתרום לנו רבות במסע המתמשך לייצור מתקדם.
תודה גם לאנשי QMD שלא חסכו בשאלות ואתגור של הטכנולוגיות
בשאיפה למצוא את הפתרונות המדויקים שיובילו אותנו קדימה.
נטע בן ישראל, מנהלת מצוינות תפעולית
אני רוצה להודות לכם בשמי ובשם כל המשתתפים על יום העיון המוצלח שעברנו במכון לייצור מתקדם. תודה על ארגון למופת, על הרצאות והדגמה מעניינים. היום עלה על צפיותינו מבחינת איכות הידע שהועבר ומבחינת האירוח הנפלא. כמו כן אני מבקש כי תעבירו בשמנו תודות לארבעת המרצים על הזמן, הסבלנות ובעיקר על ההרצאות המעניינות והמועילות.
מוטי קלינגר – מנהל פרויקטים ומוביל אוטומציה
להצטרפות למאגר הספקים המוסמכים

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